Sometimes, They Ask The Wrong Questions

As a person who has had an e-mail address for more than a couple of years, I get lots of e-mail from politicians. Every once in a while, they make the mistake of asking my opinion on something. Rep. Denny Heck (WA-10) made that mistake yesterday:

Tomorrow the U.S. House will vote on the budget agreement negotiated by Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Paul Ryan. You can read more about it HERE. This agreement would last for two years, averting the chance of a government shutdown for at least that length of time.

I’m still evaluating the pros and the cons of this proposal, and I’d like to hear your opinion before I vote tomorrow. What do you think about this bipartisan budget agreement? Please reply to this email and share your thoughts with me.

Which was nice of him, since I’m not even in his district. I suspect it will be the last time, though. My reply:

Here’s what I think – we got screwed again by the Democrats. As usual, the rich will pay nothing to make up for the damage Wall Street has done to our economy. It will be the middle class and the poor who give up their pensions and their standard of living. Military and civilian employees of the government will lose more of their compensation, after having their benefits frozen for years.

And you’re doing all this in service to a wacko idea of “fiscal responsibility” that was proved wrong in the 1930s. I have yet to see or hear a Democratic congressperson tell the truth here, which is that the federal government not only can run a deficit in hard times, but it should run a deficit. I have yet to hear them say that equating balanced budgets with “fiscal responsibility” is a delusional concept, and that the government can make money when it needs to, simply by spending it. President Obama can erase the debt entirely using coin seigniorage, yet the one Democrat in congress who broached that idea was quickly told to shut up.

When I start to hear Democrats speaking the truth on this matter, I’ll start to reconsider my assumption that you’re just the more mendacious wing of the Wall Street Party. Until then, to me, you people are as useless as the Republicans.

At least I’ll be getting less junk e-mail…

UPDATE/Afterword: The House passed the budget 332 to 94. I await with breathless anticipation the usual clowns’ opinions about what ungrateful shitheels folks like me are for not celebrating this grand bipartisan acheivement.

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2 Responses to Sometimes, They Ask The Wrong Questions

  1. Now now, you are just being unreasonable. They must do all this because um, because ah…..Oh I know they must do this because if they don’t they don’t get the real money from the big money boys and they cannot therefore run for reelection.

    So last time I tried to log in it was with my email address and it didn’t work a tall.

  2. Cujo359 says:

    Politics being a form of evolution, I assume that the politicians who aren’t inclined to do as Wall Street tells them can’t compete with those who do. That might make those politicians more inclined to rationalize, and it might even make those rationalizations somewhat true. They don’t make me feel better, though.

    Sorry about the e-mail not working. Don’t know what the problem is. You can create an identity on without starting a blog. I had one for years before establishing this blog.

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