Sometimes, Progressives Get It

We are the 99 percent

From two years ago. For all I know, she’s sill looking for a job.

Yet another thing passed under my nose today that turned out to be worth a look. When I saw the title of this essay by Lynn Parramore, I figured it would be some sort of pseudo-feminist twaddle about how he cheated on his wife with call girls and he probably downloads porn all the time, so how could he possibly respect women?. Turns out, my first impressions can be wrong:

As a life-long feminist, I’ve often been struck by the lack of insight in the political realm into a simple fact: So-called “women’s issues” are everyone’s issues.

When women have access to reproductive healthcare, when they are supported in the workplace, when they can enjoy a dignified retirement, when they are protected from Wall Street predators, when they are economically secure, everyone wins.

5 Things Women Should Know About Eliot Spitzer

I was hooked already, but of course she goes on:

Enter a candidate for New York City Comptroller who has an outstanding record on all of these issues. One who has shown an unmatched enthusiasm for challenging Wall Street abuses that disproportionately impact women, one who has championed women’s workplace rights and access to healthcare — and one who even publicly calls himself a feminist.

Incredibly, some women, like NOW New York president Sonia Ossorio, have chosen to actually team up with business leaders to spend $1.5 million to skew the election and defeat Eliot Spitzer in his bid for office.

5 Things Women Should Know About Eliot Spitzer

OK, now I want to kiss the woman. Calling out progressive leaders who don’t even serve the narrow agendas of their organizations, much less a generally progressive philosophy, would be a full-time job. This is a textbook example. Parramore goes on to name several reasons why Spitzer qualifies as a feminist. From my perspective, they’re excellent reasons for most women to support him. When it comes right down to it, legislation that mandates family leave time or abortion rights ought to count for more than what the guy does in his free time.

Ms. Parramore doesn’t stop there, though:

5. Wall Street Watchdog: What does Wall Street have to do with women? A lot, actually. Wall Street predations and reckless activities have cost millions of women their jobs, homes, and pensions. Swindlers in business suits have triggered massive funding crises in cities across America by charging outrageous fees, setting up harmful financial deals, and other shenanigans.

Women pay disproportionately for all this. They endure cuts to the social services they rely on to keep themselves and their families afloat in times of need.

5 Things Women Should Know About Eliot Spitzer

Now I want to have her baby. Why in the world isn’t this the default position of every women’s organization, not to mention just about any cause that could be considered progressive? Yet, as she already observed, this is clearly not the New York NOW’s position. When do progressives wake up to the idea that the organizations they send money to and do volunteer work for should be pursuing an agenda that benefits the society and the world that we all live in, rather than just their own interests?

The inability to realize that in many ways our prosperity and how that prosperity is gained and distributed among us affects just about all those quality of life issues women, and men, too, come to think of it, care about is something that progressives seem incapable of understanding. To me, the widespread support for Hillary Clinton by women and feminists has been a case in point. Clinton has been very vocal and has done many things in support of women’s rights, it’s true. Unfortunately, she has never shown any more interest in fixing the undemocratic and increasingly unfair distribution of wealth and income in America any more than Barack Obama has. When we finally become the feudal economy that the New Democrats appear to want as badly as any Republican, I don’t think women’s lives will be looking any too shiny. I keep pointing this out to Clinton supporters, and have yet to be told about something she did that indicates otherwise.

Labor’s handling of the Affordable Care Act is yet another. They thought they could cut out their own little deal that would exempt their workers and their profitable health care networks from extra taxation, and supported the ACA even though it was clearly not good for either their workers or the public generally. Then Obama and the congressional Democrats screwed them. I didn’t notice any heads rolling among the unions after this, even though there should have been.

This, I’m afraid, is the fundamental reason progressives can’t get ahead. Their tone deafness and their inability to understand the reality of politics doesn’t help, but this is perhaps the most fundamental reason no one with any sense listens to them. They don’t recognize that they benefit from the things that benefit us all. Instead of hanging together, they each get boned separately.

Still, every once in a while there’s a progressive who reminds me that we aren’t all that stupid. I’d like to thank Lynn Parramore for doing that today.

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9 Responses to Sometimes, Progressives Get It

  1. Joyce L. Arnold says:

    Thanks for providing the link here, Cujo. I’ve been reading Parramore for a while now, but missed this one.

    One thought to add to your very good ones is the cover the “how far Right can we go” Republicans provides the Dems for their own Rightward movement. Add the tendency if not need to stay with the familiar, no matter how bad the familiar gets.

    • Cujo359 says:

      Yes, though progressives’ undying support for Democrats has also given the GOP the opportunity to go further right. They know they won’t pay a price, because the Democrats will inevitably move right so as not to be too far away.

      • Joyce L. Arnold says:

        That’s the way it’s working, yes. They cover each other for the Rightward movement. It seems that the Tea Party has gone too far even for some of the GOP, though, so maybe the moving will slow, stop (in the bigger picture, not for those the fringes). You can even see a tiny slide to the Left from the Dems, though that generally just gets us back toward what use to be middle ground.

      • Cujo359 says:

        It’s a great system, if you’re a plutocrat.

  2. lawguy1983 says:

    Although this may be a bit off subject, but I’ve always wondered what horrible crime Spitzer actually committed, if any. I suspect that the horrible crime was trying to really regulate Wall Street in some meaningful way.

    • Cujo359 says:

      I never figured out what the proximate cause was. I just assumed it was revenge, but it’s probably silly to think that Wall Street would go to the trouble if there weren’t a payoff.

  3. Warren Celli says:

    “Still, every once in a while there’s a progressive who reminds me that we aren’t all that stupid. I’d like to thank Lynn Parramore for doing that today.”

    Stupidity is banging your head against the wall when you know it hurts. Stupidity is changing the wall paper in a house that is in flames. Stupidity is changing the oil in your car as it plunges over a cliff. Stupidity is always eating and discussing your daily ration of intentionally contrived divisiveness.

    The problem is systemic, morally based and won’t be resolved from within. Xtrevilism, the mental disorder swept under the rug — the mental disorder that makes you love, adore, and worship, those who oppress and kill you — is your root problem.

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

    • Cujo359 says:

      I prefer diagnoses that offer practical paths to recovery: “You’re sweating the small stuff – look at the larger picture”, “Don’t vote for the people who are screwing you”, that sort of thing. If they come up with a cure for “xtrevlism”, let me know.

      • Warren Celli says:

        Cujo359 says: “I prefer diagnoses that offer practical paths to recovery:


        “Strategy — Phase One
        1. Election Boycotts:
        Gaining Power: Job number one — creating a responsive to the will of the people direct democracy electoral process… Farce to force! Yes, you have to give up being controlled by farce in order to take control and gain force! This will take proactive, not passive, boycotts of the present electoral process with a reorganization outside of, and in parallel with, the corrupt system.

        When you come to see that these abuses are either by design, as I strongly believe, or even not by design, it matters not. What matters is that the abuses exist, they are severe, and they are working to destroy us. Good conscience, love, and caring, compels us now — all of us — to withdraw our consent, to no longer be complicit, and to shun the present farce immoral social political system and start again to gain force outside the present system.

        The power of shunning — a ‘Vote of NO Confidence’… Voting is not a civic duty, it is a civil right like free speech. Just as you are not compelled to speak, you are not compelled to vote. Not voting is a vote that has the power of context. In times of citizen satisfaction a non vote can be considered a vote of confidence in the government that is setting the policy that is providing that citizen satisfaction. In turbulent times, where the citizenry is vocally dissatisfied and has repeatedly shown its disapproval when the government has repeatedly acted against its citizen will and been non responsive to that will, a non vote can be considered a ‘Vote of NO Confidence’ in that non responsive government. There is little doubt of citizen dissatisfaction with today’s wealthy elite Xtrēvilism corporate governance and little doubt that moneyed wealthy elite corporate interests have hijacked our government. Poll after poll leaves no doubt as to citizen dissatisfaction. Non votes in today’s context can confidently be counted as ‘Votes of NO Confidence’ in this hijacked government.

        We have a Constitutional crisis that can not be resolved from within — the system is too corrupt… Election boycotts will be a bottom up movement and will include a concurrent revision of the Constitution made by all participants. The Constitution, like software, is in need of a serious upgrade. Past corruption has prevented revisions along the way, and the present corporate hijacking of the government has made change from within impossible. The New Constitution, fashioned and structured after the old, will include an electoral process of direct democracy with open and transparent voting on paper ballots by all citizens, hand counted by real humans — not machines! That Constitutional revision to regain control of the rule of law should also include, as a minimum; regaining of citizen control of all media, corporations, and banking.

        Be wary of those who constantly implore you to seek remedial measures within the crooked system. Look at their wealth and stature and how they have come by it. People who advocate remedial change from within are either drinking the Kool Aid (they are totally gullible cons) or they are selling it (they are disingenuous shills). And don’t let them tell you that the American people are too stupid for direct democracy and can not be trusted to govern themselves. Yes, we have all been dumbed down a bit by the excessive ‘Greed and Evil is Good’ propaganda in the past forty plus years, but given the truth and the proper incentives the vast majority of American people are fair and intelligent and will recenter themselves to a sustainable course. That is what the wealthy elite gangsters are afraid of — fairness, direct democracy and the truth of sustainability.”

        More here…

        To come up with a cure you first have to recognize the disease. ‘Progressives’, heavily infected themselves, refuse to look at it.

        Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

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