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Ahem. I'm sharing something of myself and you're not displaying pictures?Part of the process of moving from one place to another is transporting the blog roll – all the blogs I supposedly read and/or like. I’m finally starting to fill it in over here at the new place. As you can see, we’re as far as the ‘L’s now.

While I was checking out things at the old blog, I ran into something I hadn’t heard of before, called referral spam. Apparently, there are actually people who make links to things like this blog in hopes that people will look at theirs in return. The one I noticed today even has a page explaining about how it’s not illegal or anything, and therefore it’s OK. Of course, if you send them an e-mail so they can get an e-mail list together that they can sell, they’ll be happy to remove you from their spambot service. Let me tell you something: It’s not OK.

My policy about blog rolls has changed with the move. As you can see, it’s no longer “Blogs I Read”, as it was at the old place. I’ll put your blog in this roll even if I don’t read it all that much, as long as yours is a small blog that links to me.

See. Old dogs can learn new tricks. We just have to want to.

If you have a link to my blog at your place, its name starts with the letters ‘A’ thru ‘L’, you’re not referral spam or some other site dedicated to advertising a product or service, and you don’t see your blog on the blog roll, please let me know. In fact, if you’re a follower with those same qualifications, and you want your blog in the blog roll, please let me know. I’ve already noted a couple I will be including eventually.


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