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Members of the 2010 USA Olympics curling team in action

Strapping young women operating brooms – what’s not to like? Maybe where they’re located? Image credit: jon oropeza/Wikimedia

With all the recent attention to Russia’s human rights record, particularly regarding LGBT rights, I’m starting to think that it would be a good idea to just find a permanent home for the games. Have the summer Olympics in Greece, and the winter Olympics somewhere wintry and inoffensive like Norway or Canada. Just about every place they hold the games has human rights problems, and at least there would be less excuse for building expensive sports metroplexes in places that can’t afford them. I’m sure many of the citizens of Sochi would have appreciated not having been selected, considering some reports I’ve seen of the disruptions going on there to get ready for this winter’s games.

Right now, the selection process sounds like a bidding war the Inernational Olympic Committee conducts between the only governments corrupt or opportunistic enough to want to host the things. The prognosis that the next games will be held in a human rights utopia seems particularly bleak.

Plus, the Greeks could sure use the money right now.

Afterword: This article started as a comment to the article at the first link that wouldn’t post, presumably because it was too big.


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