A Pale Blue Dot

At NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day site today is this montage of two views of our planet:

NASA APOD for July 23, 2013

Earth as seen from Saturn and Mercury, 2013. Image credit: NASA, et. al.

The site’s caption reads, in part:

In a cross-Solar System interplanetary first, our Earth was photographed during the same day from both Mercury and Saturn. Pictured on the left, Earth is the pale blue dot just below the rings of Saturn, as captured by the robotic Cassini spacecraft now orbiting the gas giant. Pictured on the right, the Earth-Moon system is seen against a dark background, as captured by the robotic MESSENGER spacecraft now orbiting Mercury.

Check out the image credit link for a full size photo and the complete caption.

Even from the comparatively nearby locations of our own solar system, the Earth looks like such a small place. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s no need to posit gods to acquire a sense of humility. All you have to do is have some understanding of how vast the universe really is.


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